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HEC Data Challenge is back for the 2023 edition with hybrid format !! 🤩

Are you interested in participating in an academic completion by elucidating real practical cases for the Desjardins and Alloprof ? 🧐

Do you want to familiarize yourself with the different aspects of data analysis and practice your skills in presenting them ? 🕵️

Do you want the chance to win more than $ 2,000 in prizes? 💸


1️⃣ Here's what to expect:
✅ 2 challenges with different difficulties for beginners and experts!
✅ Many prizes to be won !

2️⃣ Course of the event:
- Wednesday March 15th at 6.30 p.m to 8 p.m : Introduction and opening panel [ONLINE]
- Thursday March 16th at 8 am : Starting of the competition [ONLINE]
- Sunday March 19th 9 am : Deadline for submission of the technical analysis
- Sunday March 19th 9 am : Deadline for submission of the presentation
- Sunday March 19th at 1 p.m to 5 p.m : Presentation in front of the jury [IN PERSON]
- Sunday March 19th at 6 p.m to 8 p.m : Food and drinks included in the price of the ticket 🥇 [IN PERSON]

A big thank you to Synapse C, Desjardins, Alloprof, Videns, Capgemini, Larochelle GC, IVADO and CWP Energy who support us for the organization of this competition !

👉 Register before March 7th :

👉 Cost:
Early birds HEC Montreal: $10
(A UberEats gift cards worth $25 will be given to early bird participants)
General Admission - $10

*** The competition is inter-university and open to all, professionals, students and retirees ! ***
Teams can be made up of 4 people, with a minimum of 2 students. You don't have a team? write to us on Facebook or at and we'll do our best to help you find a team!

Each team member must register independently of the other team members !

More details will be revealed in the next few days !

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