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We are talking to the future data experts.

By allowing the HEC community to meet data professionals in Montreal (and beyond), we promote the development of knowledge and network between students, employers, and data experts.

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Our values

Nos valeurs


Data science is a universe of enthusiasts.

Passing on our enthusiasm to HEC Montréal students is our first concern.


The data world is constantly expanding. It’s a world full of opportunities that we strive to promote through our media.


Data science is a new world, which requires new knowledge. We make sure to pass them on to students in a cooperative and fun way.

Notre équipe

Our team

HEC Forecast

1 day, 3 subjects, 150+ participants:
progress for all.

HEC Forecast is a day of conferences and networking on the topic of data use in business. More than a hundred students and professionals will gather there to hear and discuss concrete achievements in data science, by local companies.


The objective of the event is to explore current achievements to better anticipate future trends, in addition to stimulating interactions between the academic community and the professional world, through panel discussions and keynote presentations.

Forecast 2019 in images

HEC Forecast

Our partners

Nos partenaires

They trust us

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